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Home Distillation


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Welcome to homedistilling, the only community on LJ dedicated to the subject of refining alcohol in the privacy of your domicile. Whatever your distillation interests we hope to be able help you reach you goals. Vodka, whiskey, rum, pure ethanol for fuel, you name it, it's on the menu here.

Basic Explanation
Distillation is a means of separating liquids through differences in their vapor pressures.
Home distillation for the purpose of alcohol seperation is almost always performed by heating a fermented liquid(beer, wine, mash) allowing the most volitile components of said liquid to boil off before the water. These are then condensed and collected. This is the process of fractional distillation. It will be the main topic discussed here.

Expected Code of Conduct
This is a friendly community for the exchange of distillation related information. Let's treat each other with a high level of respect. Trolling (though I honestly don't expect any) will be dealt with very swiftly.

Mod list
Your Mod is evil_genius

Link section
Home Distillers on Yahoo Groups
Oilganic Suppliers for all manner of organic oil equipment and ingredients
Aqua Vitae - The Brewing, Distilling & Wine Making Specialists! (and the only place to buy legal stills online) well there is always Amazon.com....What you thinking I'm kidding???

Online how-tos
Tony Ackland's http://homedistiller.org
Aaron Smiths's http://www.go.to/distillation
Steve Spence's http://webconx.green-trust.org/ethanol.htm
StillMaker's http://www.Moonshine-Still.com (for complete instructions on building a Internal Reflux column Still or Valved Reflux Still)
Biofuels Library http://journeytoforever.org/biofuel_library.html

A truly epic online resource The Alcohol Library books, videos, articles, and links to other great sites.

See also on Live Journal

Legality and Disclaimer(s)
Running an unlicensed still for the purpose of alcohol separation for human consumption has been made illegal for the private citizen by all but a few governments world wide. Rich men(distillery owners) don't like private competition. That and governments like taxing vices such as the consumption of alcohol. As LiveJournal.com is an international webpage it would be space prohibitive to list off every country's laws regarding this topic. The links listed above will have much more specific information. But at a quick glance, if you don't live in Israel, New Zealand, Italy, Russia, or the Ukraine then you can assume it's out of the question. However, that being said ALL of the information here can(and should) be applied to a myriad of completely legal hobbies: Ethanol for fuel, perfumes, essential oils for all manner of cosmetics and cooking, basic chemistry experimentation, among many others.

For all of the users reading this in the United States let me say there is some hope. Home distillation is completely legal IF you have license. Which is fairly easy to obtain. Contact your local Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (BATF) for more details.

Refining alcohol into a near pure form represents a fairly substantial fire hazard. Please check with your local law enforcement AND fire department before partaking in any of the activities described herein.

The moderators of this community and livejournal will not accept any responsibility for your actions with reference to the contents of this community. The information posted here is for educational purposes only. This community and it's topic of discussion are completely within the limits of 'the service' as spelled out in the Terms of Service sections VI, VII, XIV, XVI, and XIX.